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Used X Ray Machine For Sale

GE OEC 9400 C-Arm X-Ray

The GE OEC 9400 C-Arm is a solid workhorse of a C-Arm, offering features that can be used for orthopedic surgery, general surgery, and in pain management. The OEC 9400 was a very popular model when it first came out and remains a very good option for an office working on a budget.

The GE OEC 9400 C-Arm is a multi-application mobile X-ray imaging system that provides solutions for the most demanding needs in Pain Management, General, Orthopedic and Vascular Surgeries. The GE OEC 9400 is a reliable and complete unit, offering clear images, enhanced penetration power and resolution.

GE OEC 9400 C-Arm Features

9/6/4” Image Intensifier

Dual Hi Resolution Monitors

Rotating Anode X-Ray Tube

Analog System

GSP – General Surgical Package

LIH – Last Image Hold

Gamma Correction

Fluoro Boost

Sharpen Function

GE OEC 9400 C-Arm X-RAY SYSTEM Specifications


2.5 kHz High frequency

6.0 kW Full-wave

Up to 120 kVp

Up to 100 mA for radiographic film exposures

Fluoro boost mode up to 20 mA (optional)

Pulsed fluoro mode

Pulsed fluorography mode up to 60 mA (optional)

100V 60Hz 15A

240V 50Hz 12A

X-Ray Tube

Rotating anode X-ray tube

Focal spots: 0.3 mm and 0.1 mm

Anode heat capacity: 300,000 HU

Anode cooling rate: 70,000 HU/min

Housing heat capacity: 1,250,000 HU


Dual leaf collimation

Minimum beam size  5 X 5 cm2

Leaves are continuously variable

Remotely controlled from the C-Arm control panel

Fluoroscopy Mode

Focal spot: 0.3 mm

kVp range: 40 – 120 kVp

mA range: 0.2 – 5.0 mA normal mode

mA range: Up to 20 mA boost mode (optional)

Auto, manual and pulsed modes

Continuous or One-Shot operation

ABS varies mA, kVp and camera gain

User specific ABS tables

Radiographic Mode

Focal spot: 0.3 mm or 1.0 mm

Focal spot automatically selected

0.3 mm – mAs range: 1 – 100 mAs

1.0 mm – mAs range: 100 – 300 mAs

kVp range: 50 – 120 kVp

GE OEC 9400 C-Arm Video Imaging SYSTEM Specifications

6 in Image Intensifier

Single-mode 6 in image intensifier

DQE: 65% (typical)

Video Camera

Vidicon Image Tube

525 lines/frame

360 ̊ motorized rotation

On-screen orientation indicator (real-time feedback without fluoro)

Left-right image reversal

Top-bottom image reversal

256 shades of gray

Video Monitors

Dual 17 in Ultrabrite anti-glare monitors

Ambient room light sensor

Remote brightness/contrast controls

General Specs

Height: 66 in – 83 in

Width: 34 in

Length: 74.5 in

Weight: 740 lbs

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