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Used Lymphedema Pump For Sale

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Used Lymphedema Pump For Sale

BioCompression SC-3008 Eight Chamber Sequential Circulator (Lymphedema Pump)

Weight: 8.00 LBS

Lymphedema is a condition in which damage to the lymphatic system causes a buildup of lymph fluid in body tissues.  It can be caused by a variety of conditions, and if not treated, can cause serious infection and great amounts of pain.  It is extremely important to move the stagnant lymph fluid back into primary circulation.  A Lymphedema Pump is one of the most proven treatments for patients with Lymphedema.  A Lymphedema Pump is a therapy machine that mimics the normal pumping action of the lymphatic system, moving excess fluid toward the torso.  The pump is paired with a garment which has multiple chambers in it.  The pump inflates the chambers distally to proximally (toes to groin or finger to armpit).  This compression creates a massaging action that moves the excess fluid out of the affected limb.


The BioCompression SC-3008-T Lymphedema Pump is an eight chamber compression device with calibrated, sequential, gradient pressure and is designed to treat primary or secondary lymphedema. The calibrated pressure allows you to adjust the pressure in each chamber, independently of the other chambers.  These adjustments may be necessary in certain circumstances like if you have venous stasis ulcers.  Decreasing the pressure in that area will increase your comfort in the garment.  The device is intended for swelling of the arms and legs as well as the treatment of venous insufficiency and associated venous stasis ulcers. This Lymphedema Pump is intended for home or hospital use.  The BioCompression SC-3008 is lightweight, portable and easy to use.  It can be used unilaterally (one limb) or bilaterally (two limbs).  The SC-3008-T has a built in timer which allows the machine to run for one hour before shutting off.  The pricing includes FREE ground shipping to your home and 24 hour on-call service for questions or concerns.  Garments are required for the machine to operate and must be purchased separately.  The machine is nearly ready to go right out of the box.  Plug the machine in, plug the garment(s) into the machine, put the garment on the affected limb(s) and turn on the machine.  It’s really that simple.  Pressure can be adjusted higher or lower to your comfort level.  If you do have questions with the setup or operation when you receive your machine, contact us and we will walk you through the process.

Benefits of a Lymphedema Pump:

reduce pain

reduce edema

mimics the lymphatic system

promotes lymphatic flow by moving fluid in the proper direction (from the hands and/or feet towards the heart)

stimulates circulation to promote wound healing

delivers continuous flow


Dimensions: 5.5″ x 12″ x 8″

Weight: 8 Lbs.

Pressure Range: 0-125mm Hg

Cycle Time: 6.5 seconds per chamber

Inflation: 54 seconds

Deflation: 6 Seconds

Bilateral/Unilateral operation

Warranty: Three Year Manufacturer Warranty

Sleeves are required for this unit and must be purchased separately.

Lymphedema located in places other than the arms and legs is more difficult to target with treatment.  However, the BioCompression SC-3008-T also has a variety of other garments available for more specific treatments of the upper trunk, lower trunk, abdomen, groin and more.

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Used Lymphedema Pump For Sale